Dudes are clear-cut if they speak. They do not usually try to be cryptic or talk “around” a subject. They’re all company and reason, so if they are certainly not lying, they might be probably simply informing it adore it is. Do not look for lots of subtext between your outlines since there probably is not any.

If according to him you are not their type but he is still curious, take it at face value. He probably is wanting to say that he’s usually not keen on really serious, brainy women, but there’s only anything in regards to you that intrigues him.

If he’s simply contemplating gender, the guy probably wont discuss you’re not their type, as that could work against his game. He’ll either lay on the charm as well as the old familiar lines, or he will point out that you two need to have collectively for a few enjoyable sometime.

He will state you’re “hot” in the place of letting you know you are pretty. He’s going to eyeball you up-and-down like a frozen dessert sundae, and then he’ll relocate close-in an aggressive as opposed to sensitive way. You are a lady, thus make use of intuition. You know exactly what he is actually enthusiastic about, a good way and/or some other.

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